Security that is both proactive AND reactive

Where most IT companies stop at protecting your network at the edge, we take security beyond the firewall. Our process includes, protection, detection and remediation.

End Point Protection

  • Anti-Virus

  • RMM

  • Manage updates

  • Disk encryption

Network Resiliency

  • SIEM Technology

  • Network Design and Segmentation

  • Penetration Testing

  • Firewall as a Service

    • Gateway Anti-Malware & Anti-Virus
    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Content Filtering
    • ATP (Advanced Threat Protection)

Disaster Recovery & Continuity

  • Real time back up of entire virtual server & data

  • In event of disaster, capability to restore on-demand in the cloud

  • Backup of online storage and hosted files (Office 365, Google Drive)

  • Ransomware detection during routine backup

  • Screenshot verification for restoration

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