Our mission?

To connect with every client as if they were our only one.

Founded in 2004, for more than a decade, Blue Cotton Tech has been setting the standard for affordable IT support and superior client service in the Washington D.C. and surrounding areas. We began our business with a clear vision and dedicated to excellent client communication, exceeding expectations and developing long-term client relationships. The primary reason for our success has been remaining dedicated to our core values, and always making people and relationships our primary focus. We strongly believe the defining difference between Blue Cotton Tech and other IT providers is our people, our values and our communication.

IT Consulting, Simplified!

Your IT issues might seem complex, but the process of working with us is anything but.
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Your needs are important

Your business is unique and so are it’s needs. Our first step is learning about your needs, pain points, and opportunities.

We'll build a custom strategy

Connecting with a partner

More than just a shopping list of ideas. We connect your company to a strategy that gets you ahead.

It's all about the results

The results speak for themselves

Our purpose as your IT partner? To get results so you can focus on making your company a success.

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